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Welcome to the SOC Student Site. Here you can receive updates about school life and view upcoming events!

Please find below the residence and food surveys:

Vote Wacky Day/Anything but a Backpack Day winners here:

Niagara Photo Contest Winners!

Shekinah's Photo of the Falls.jpeg

Nature Photo of Niagara Falls

By Shekinah


Upload Your Photos!

Want to have your photos featured on the school's socials and website? Here's your chance! Just upload any good photos you get of school events, views or just anything you want to share and we might just put it up on the website! (With credit of course). You can start by uploading any photos from the solar eclipse using the link below.

Stationary photo

Upcoming Events

Join the Student Council!

Let your voice be heard and meet us every Wednesday in Room 202 for a Student Council Meeting. We're always open to new members to discuss school events and affairs with!
This week's student council discussion is about...


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